5 yr. old Video's - Each new entrant child to Waihi Central has an older student make a movie of their first day and burn it to dvd. This is then presented at our celebration assemblies fortnightly.

Fair Go Ad. Awards - Each year the Fair Go ad. awards are on towards the end of term 3. Not difficult to win a camera, have a go.

Values Videos - Have students create a video that promotes a school value and what it means to them. Play it at a school or syndicate assembly.

KWN - Panasonic - In 2009 Waihi Central was annouced the KWN winners for the entire NZ region competing against Secondary and Primary schools throughout the country. Our 'Living Next To A Mine Pit' documentrary won two children a trip to Singapore and 8 more children a helicopter ride. We were very proud of our children and how well they have done. Again this is on every year and their are lots of opportunities to do well in this.

Pumphouse TV - Currently we run Pumphouse TV fortnightly with our children recording shows relating to our school and having them published for all classes to view and also on our Internet for the world to see. Check out a show.

Week That Was - Every two weeks our children star in a movie about the things that have been happening throughout the past two weeks. This is then played on our office LCD screen for Parents to view over the next few weeks.

Video Diary - Take a video diary of all the things that happen throughout the year with your class. Burn it to DVD at the end of the year and your children
have a fantastic memory

Silent Movies- Give your children a budget and charge them for using any equipment, time or anything else. Have them story board an idea for a silent movie and then create it.

Camp Video/Productions - Video everything you can and print it to DVD and sell them. Parents love the live memories and so do the students.

Storytelling - Have older students work with younger students to tell a story using video. http://www.madeawards.com/gallery.html Could be a reading group or class.
Children are able to create props and act it out.