Developing Key Competencies through the use of video
Silent Movies
Pumphouse TV
5 Yr. Old videos/First day at kindy
KWN - Living next to a mine pit
Creating values for assemblies
The Week That Was
Video Dairy of the year

Equipment -

Computer suites - “Imagine saying to your students, ‘Okay class, now we’re all going to get up and go down the hall to the room where the pens are.”

ipad -

Probably one of the major revolutions will be with the apple ipad. Imagine having a reading group with all your books ready to go at the push of the button.

A range of schools are currently working with this technology to implement in an effective way. If you haven't seen it, take a look at the link above.
One major problem is the cost and the rate at which technology is superseeding itself.

Fibre Optic Roll Out
Software We Use
Adobe Visual Communicator - Pumphouse TV
Ulead Video Studio - X2
Mircosoft Office - Govt Funded
Kai's Power Show