Photographic Competition Awards -

Get children to take slide shows of images that tell a story. (Picture paints a 1000 words)

Have a holiday competition where children send in their best holiday snap to your email. Get a local sponsor and have a Senior and Junior winner.
Encouraging kids to use digital images and learn skills. Show these on a wiki so they can see each others entries.

Have students take photos of a group of objects starting with a particular letter. (Print it laminate and hang in your class)

Have children take shots of symmetry in the playground and project it on your IWB or DP and print them out for the classroom wall.

Give children a camera and have them take 20 pictures from the perspective of an ant. Choose some other aspects they could explore, maybe birds eye view
pictures only.

Ideas to try when using a Digital Camera

1. An idea seen in display – pinched from a school this week (thank you Middle Barton!). When children go on an historical visit, all dressed up in costume, take sepia photographs for wonderful, realistic, old looking photographs which can be used in report or newspaper writing after the event.
2. Take photographs of your locality – make post cards, electronic or otherwise to share with a partner school in a ‘Contrasting locality’ study.
3. When doing self portraits work from a digital image instead of a mirror (it is easier to match up colours etc)
4. Make passports, library cards, driving licences, swipe cards or school membership type of cards for a variety of situations or play.
5. Do a weather study in photographic images instead of symbols
6. Create wonderful computer pictures of alien creatures aligned to literacy work. Change the face on the creature for the child’s own face. Incorporate pictures with a description.
7. Choose a favourite sports, pop or film star, change for the child’s face and do an ‘interview’ with the star! Incorporate the pictures and interview in a presentation.
8. Take digital images and put the author’s picture on the publisher’s blurb bit of home made books.
9. Take digital images of children with their D&T models – for their record / profile/evidence.
10. Make a photo library of huge works of art – collages etc which have to be dismantled when they are changed.
11. Make a personalised school greeting or Christmas card with the prettiest view of your school.
12. Record step-by-step plants growing, frogs – growing, butterflies – growing …for science reports on life cycles.
13. Form a club of children to create and maintain a seasonal library for use in poems, stories or seasonal flyers.
14. Take photographs of new intake reception/foundation children, cut out the image and stick it above their peg, lunchbox place or on their drawer – solve the name reading problem.
15. Take pictures through a cookery session to make a recipe book – including the ‘How to do it’ pictures
16. Take photographs of a coffee morning, Spring Fayre, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, a Craft show – or any other school event so that the images make a bank which can be used in future newsletters.
17. Put images of school life; sports days, plays, special assemblies and similar on the school web page
18. Take an image of each other – make ‘Wanted’ posters.
19. Make a ‘Star for the week’ sign.
20. Make a diary of special school events – important visitors, building programmes, presentations etc.
21. Make really close up studies of flowers and their parts for revision.
22. Include the pictures as illustrations in multi-media presentations.
23. Make net pen-friends with another school (attach the images to an email to swap files).
24. Collect images showing the river’s journey – re-create the journey around the room – better still in a presentation program as a ‘Virtual River Journey’.
25. Collect images on visits to the zoo, wildlife parks, place of scientific interest, places of historical/geographical interest or a church and make a ‘Virtual Tour’.
26. Make an arty collage with faces distorted into odd shapes and swirls by graphics software.

Star of the Day

27. Make place mats for a special lunch