ICT Learning Communities

Matua School - Cherie and Christine pictured are at Matua school. I have had a long association working with Cherie and her Husband Will who is an outstanding supplier of ICT technical support to our school and other schools throughout the Western Bay. If you are looking for excellent service and purchasing requirements for your school contact Cherie. Cherie is relatively new to Matua and is currently leading ICT.



Tauriko School
- Adam Turner and Janet Arcus are exploring a wide variety of digital technologies. Adam has an Interactive work station screen( Interwrite), data projector, WII, and Playstation set up in his classroom. He also has 7 computers and is running a variety of Internet software. Well worth a look.

Katikati Primary

Katikati Primary - Robyn Keightly and the staff at Katikati Primary have had the WII remote installed in classrooms
and currently are using this to interact with the screen as an interactive whiteboard. It is not all plain sailing but
it certainly is an interesting idea to have a look at and a great deal more cost effective.

Maungatapu School - Lester Stephens the DP at Maungatapu is on a pathway to introducing Data Projectors into Maungatapu school. Lester has some good insights into getting them used effectively in classrooms and has taken his time trying his best to get the process right.

Bethlehem College Primary - Jamin Lietze leads ICT at BC. He has a year 6 class and has a particular interest in e-portfolio's. BC have a computer suite and Data Projectors in classes. Jamin is a great one to talk to about ICT and how it can be used to improve learning.

Bethlehem Primary - Regan Scarfe leads up ICT at Bethlehem Primary. 2 classes currently have 10 laptops and are working to
use them effectively. Regan is also exploring e-portfolios and Ultranet. Bethlehem Primary currently have 3 Interactive Whiteboards
(Interwrite). Bethlehem have also just had Data Projectors installed in all classrooms. They are trialing out vitualised computers
with three computer screens running from one piece of hardware which Regan says has potential.


Te Puna School - Hamish Wadsworth is the DP at Te Puna School and is also leading ICT. He has a data projector in his room and also has 16 Apple computers, some laptops and others desktop stations. With 19 children Hamish has probably one of the best ratios of children to laptops I have seen. Te Puna is a dual platform school with IBM being in the middle and junior parts of the school. Currently they have 6 projectors in the school. Hamish says there has been a definite change in
behaviour with children motivated to learn which has been a theme throughout many of my visits.


Selwyn Ridge Primary - The picture says it all really. These guys are pioneers of ICT in the Western Bay.
Their philosopy revolves around the integration of ICT throughout learning and they back this up with resources. Matt Thomas pictured is an amazing talent and spends hours along with many other staff from SRP ensuring they are delievering cutting edge Technology which often means their nights and weekends keeping up to date.
Matt uses the 'magic mouse' with his Data Projector which he says is amazing and he also has the WII wired in but says he seldom uses it. SRP are an 'Apple' school and are currently exploring the new iTouch pads. They have also
created the most amazing media room I have seen, similar to TVNZ. Anyone exploring authentic approaches to learning using ICT needs to visit this school.


Omokoroa No. 1 School - A quick visit here to look at their use of the WII as an interactive whiteboard setup. This is used in all classes with a specially designed pen also. Omokoroa also run a computer suite and are an IBM platform school.

Pahoia School - Billy Edwards from Pahoia school is one of the IWB users who spoke with me. He showed me some of the ways that he is implementing the whiteboard into his program and finds it a useful tool. Pahoia have IWB's throughout the entire school and Billy has purchased computers for his clasroom and has
14 older desktops in his room. Pahoia are the school who created a feature length film doing an outstanding job and are very successful with Video creation.


Rototuna School Hamilton - Rototuna school is an apple based school and have are also part of the etime tour. They currently have some promethean iwb's but are moving away from these back to data projectors and tablets. They are working closely with Ultranet and have had good success with e-portfolios. Being a relatively new school they have some design features that have allowed them to work effectively in pods of classrooms and share technology such as c.o.w.'s and data projectors but are currently looking to install these in all classrooms. They are also well equiped with classroom desktops and laptops.


Waikino Primary School - Simon Turnbull teaches a Yr 4 - 6 class. Waikino school have Interactive whiteboards throughout the school purchased from Manzana. Simon has been using his for just over 2 and a half years. He also has a variety of laptops in his classroom with 5 being brand new. Currently Waikino is on
the Waihi Cluster ICT contract with Simon being a lead teacher for Waikino and doing some great stuff with technology.


Rocky Jensen - A star of ICT in the Western Bay. Rocky is highly regarded by many and is passionate about seeing ICT used effectively in classrooms and schools. Rocky has many contacts and is a real help with any digital project.


Waihi Beach - Lizzette Turnbull married to Simon above is one of Waihi Beach's Lead teachers. Waihi Beach have Interwrite Boards installed in all classrooms. Waihi Beach is purchasing some Apple desktop computers to go with their current IBM platform. Beach also have a good ratio of comptuers in classrooms throughout the school.

Connected Classrooms NSW - In sydney I had the opportunity to meet with the Connected Classrooms facilitators to look at how collabrative equimpment such as Interactive Whiteboards is being rolled out. NSW have an interesting approach to supporting classrooms and schools with a one pronged approach.